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Castor Oil

What You Need to Know About the Castor Oil Before You Add In Beauty Routine

Today “natural” oils continue dominating our skin-care scene, and there has been the surge in the curiosity about various benefits of castor oil for hair and skin.

The thick oil, which is extracted from bean of tropical castor plant, is the staple in lots of households across the world (it is one common scalp and hair moisturizer in several communities).

Right from the Egyptian times, people tried using castor oil to induce labor—some people consume this for such purpose, though scientific jury is yet out on how Castor Oil can work out.

Why’s Castor Oil So Popular?

Although natural oils are quite beneficial, however, castor oil has occupied high position. This oil has amazing properties that is best for treating skin and hair problems that includes psoriasis, acne, and many more.

Besides several beauty benefits, the oil has got significant solutions for the health issues & anti-fungal properties. Compared to other natural oils available, Castor Oil has got several uses in each household as well as plays an important role in today’s beauty regime.

What’re the Top Reasons to Use Castor Oil?

Though used topically, fatty acids in castor oil will help to moisturize as well as nurture almost each part of the body. Here is how you can add quality castor oil to skincare and beauty routine:

  • Get healthy and shiny hair. As for hair, castor oil smoothes on your ends 2 to 3 times in a week that helps to prevent breakage.
  • Condition the cuticles. Castor oil works best on your manicure as well. Just use cotton swab and dab some on the nail beds for nourishment.
  • Moisturize your rough skin. After using moisturizer, just rub a little castor oil over your skin and dry patches to seal in the moisture.