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What Must Everyone Know About EMM Software?

Enterprise mobility management or EMM is mainly a combination of processes, technology, as well as policies. These are mainly used to secure as well as manage the use of corporate- as well as employee-owned mobile devices inside any organization. Some of the important aspects of the EMM Software have been discussed in this article.

Different components of EMM software

Below are some of the important components of EMM software:

MDM is the base of any enterprise mobility suite. This mainly depends on the combination of an agent app. This app is mainly installed on any endpoint device.

The mobile application management or MAM. This provides more granulated management as well as security. It allows admins to set policies for a specific app or subset of apps rather than the whole device.

MCM, otherwise known as mobile content management, mainly allows IT to control which applications can mainly access or transmit corporate data.

Different features of EMM software to know about

The application management can mainly regulate which apps can be downloaded to any device and accessibility to the corporate networks.

Content management mainly regulates how organizational policies can be applied to the data stored in any device.

Network management is mainly able to control network access, the limitation of data transfer, geofencing, and other virtual private networks or the VPN connections for some of the enrolled devices connected with the corporate network remotely.

The service management mainly governs the self-service as well as push-updates of apps, settings, configurations, as well as IT service requests that are mainly controlled by IT admins.

The unified endpoint management mainly regulates and secures all endpoints from different unified platforms. The centralized EMM platform can mainly be used to manage different types of devices which include tablets, phones, laptops, as well as different mobile workstations.

The device as well as app lifecycle management mainly offers endpoint lifecycle management features. This mainly ranges from device onboarding as well as service provision to decommissioning.

These are some of the important facts to know about EMM software.