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Things You Perhaps Don’t Know About Foam Board

Foam boards are used in various ways, one of them being advertising. They are cost-effective when it comes to printing. For board adverts, help in boosting business growth and sales. They are known to be versatile and durable enough to serve for years. You can use them to introduce your new products or even business events. Choose the right foam board for your business from to enjoy increased business growth with ever-increasing profits.

They are Light in Weight

Youwant to relocate your business to another place or just want to expand the business. If you had core boards for advertisement, worry not because they are easily transported and exhibited as well. They are thick, but the material used to make them is very light. And so carrying them around won’t be a big task or an impossible one.

They are Easy to Design and Print

You only need to know where the boards will be used and then start designing and printing the boards you desire. Cutting them into different shapes that you want is also very easy. There are new and fast printing machines that will do the final part that is printing. That makes things a bit easier and enjoyable.

They are affordable

Most of the media advertisement methods are very expensive, especially for small businesses. Core boards are the best alternative to advertise your products. The printing cost is quite low, and therefore, you will get them at a relatively low price. They are actually ideal for those with small businesses and would wish to see their sales increase daily.

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They are durable

Foam cores are very strong and rigid such that they cannot easily bend or curl in case they are hit or fall. They can remain in their original shape and position for the time you wish to use them. There is no need to replace them from time to time. You can install them wherever you want whenever you want, without worrying much about durability issues.

Can Be Recycled

While some foam signs are made of polystyrene, which is one of the plastics that cannot be recycled, most of the other form boards are made of recyclable materials. If you want the boards recycled in the future, make sure that you settle for recyclable materials. Coroplast is the best choice for recycling other than polystyrene, which is not biodegradable. You will discover other options to choose from, which will be recyclable.


Direct sunlight will make the boards lose their original color, making them unattractive. When they come into contact with water, they can easily get damaged since they are not water-resistant. Make sure you handle your form board with care to extend their lifespan and keep them in shape.