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The Role Of Energy Drink Supplements In The Treatment Of Jet Lag

Jet lag is a common problem in travelers, but some may be able to reduce its effects by taking an energy drink supplement. TheĀ best energy drink supplements are available as prescription drugs and over the counter, in pill, powder, or liquid form. They are often sold as supplements to help people get more energy during times of fatigue or jet lag.

Here are the roles of energy drinks in eliminating jet lag:

Increase alertness and energy through caffeine

The increased energy and alertness from taking energy drinks might be enough to offset some of the lethargy associated with jet lag. Most energy drinks contain caffeine that in moderate amounts can increase alertness and decrease fatigue.

Drink Supplements

Modify your body clock

The time change from flying west to east may be better than flying east to west because it has less of an impact on your body clock, which regulates the timing of your sleep and wake cycle. Going west causes a delay in your circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, so that you become sleepy earlier at night and more alert earlier in the morning.

Improve your brain function

After taking an energy drink, you might be able to think more clearly and work faster. Energy drinks contain ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, taurine and l-carnitine that may help your brain function better.

Enhance athletic performance

Energy drinks are not just for people who are tired. They can also help athletes by increasing their mental alertness, performance and endurance during training or competition, although they have not been proven effective in most scientific studies.