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The Floor Specialist

Nowadays to maintain a house, rather than focusing on the external requirements like the decoration and house painting.  It is important to understand the internal systems like flooring and maintenance of the surfaces.  Similarly, the concept of an epoxy concrete floor is used mainly for commercial, industrial and residential purposes.  Here is an article, that describes more about it.

Why are they used? – These coatings are normally applied on the flooring surfaces especially, on concrete floors, as they help in providing sustainability, maintain cleanliness and even prove to be of good help for the workers, keeping the equipment safe and sound along with acting as an inventory for the tools.

Why should one consider this? – This is an option that should be used to the best advantage as it is both suitable and supportable for your home or any industrial area. What makes them set apart from other floor painting services is that they are made out of artificial polymers that once after setting will form a strong bond that can help withstand rough or damaging attacks.  It is also sturdy and can stand up for many years despite its warranty claims, one should go for an epoxy concrete floor.

What are the preparations required? – Normally during an epoxy coating, the surface should be porous and not sealed with any cracks or damages.  There should be a bonding agent for the same that can fully cure the floor coating and remove all the grease. If the concrete is old, do a patch test to know if it is a sealant and if the water will soak in rather than create water beads on the concrete surface.  Epoxy is a liquid that needs to be mixed with a primer before it starts to harden in the box.

What are some of the advantages? – By having an epoxy concrete floor, some of the advantages one is liable to receive is –

  • Creates a shine that usually goes with high glossy surfaces
  • Withstanding coating that an overcome continuous traffic
  • Resistant to soluble and insoluble substances.

Conclusion – The main reason why people choose epoxy is that it prevents wear and tear of the surfaces.