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why i never use polysand

Polymeric Sand: The Hidden Drawbacks You Need to Know Before Using

In the realm of arranging and hardscaping, polymeric sand has acquired prevalence for its touted benefits in settling pavers and forestalling weed development. Nonetheless, underneath its apparently profitable surface, polymeric sand accompanies a bunch of hidden drawbacks that mortgage holders and contractors ought to know about, which is why i never use polysand before choosing to involve it in their open-air projects.

Restricted Adaptability:

One of the hidden drawbacks of polymeric sand is its restricted adaptability. While it is advanced as a balancing-out specialist, it may not endure the regular development and settling of the ground, prompting breaks and moving over the long run.

Weed Development Difficulties:

why i never use polysand

While polymeric sand is promoted as a viable weed impediment, it may not be secure. Weeds and vegetation can in any case track down their direction through the joints, requiring progressing support to forestall an excess issue.

Potential staining issues:

Polymeric sand contains restricting specialists, and on the off chance that it is not applied with accuracy, it can prompt staining on the outer layer of the pavers. Stains might show up as staining or white fog; know about why i never use polysand before influencing the visual allure of the hardscape.

Returning to Joint Strength:

Over the long haul, the joint solidity given by polymeric sand might decrease. Factors like weighty traffic, weather circumstances, and settling can add to the disintegration of the sand, requiring standard support to maintain its viability.


While polymeric sand introduces itself as an answer for stable and weed-safe hardscaping, its hidden drawbacks warrant cautious thought. Mortgage holders and contractors ought to gauge the upsides and downsides, taking into account factors like environment, establishment intricacy, and long-haul upkeep. Before deciding on polymeric sand for your arranging project, understanding these hidden drawbacks is vital for pursuing an educated choice and accomplishing the ideal outcomes without unexpected difficulties.