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Improve your cognitive skills with video games

Cognition is the process of obtaining information from the conscious mind in the brain and processing it to extract some value from the subconscious. This process includes stages such as judgment, reasoning, and perception.

However, this process consists of complex networks, so the brain should always be at work, in one activity or another, in an attempt to maintain the flow of information, therefore, strengthening cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills are essential for all people of all ages

However, this ability tends to decline in old age, so you need to look for tools and methods that can help maintain brain capacity. In this case, among other factors of brain enhancement, one may wonder if video games really improve their cognitive abilities.

Video games, intellectual games, or cognitive games are a good solution for anyone who intends to keep their memory intact. Since video games are known to insist on using the senses of attention, perception, and cognition, playing very tactical games improves cognitive skills and it is more fun when you.

Other areas to consider include information processing, speed, and control criteria. If these areas are used regularly, cognitive skills will improve. An easy way to do this is to play educational video games.

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Studies have shown that video games improve short-term and long-term memory

Strategy games combine various cognitive functions of the brain, such as planning, executing, programming, or programming and thinking. They also improve coordination and reasoning. In addition, video games that interact with the player benefit those people who have cognitive decline with age.

To complete the above facts, Daphne Bavelier, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, conducted a study of young people involved in video games and confirmed that they have a positive effect on the cognitive abilities of the brain. His research shows that people who participate in video games improve their skills, such as attention and cognitive skills, compared to non-game players. They showed the best results in tests of speed, multitasking and others. These skills are also necessary in real life.

Therefore, parents are encouraged to review this study and give their children the opportunity to play video games and action games and can make your gaming more fun with rank boosting in overwatch, rather than assume that they spend too much time and lose concentration in school. Because, on the contrary, this will give them the opportunity to improve their skills, such as vision, decision making, speed of thinking, multitasking and others that are very relevant in all aspects of life.

Another important feature of video game is that it closes the gender gap between men and women. For example, a woman who has little gaming experience when training in action-packed video games is better at mentally manipulating 3-D. This implies spatial cognitive ability, in which, as a rule, women work worse than men. At some point, women act as men in this skill, mainly applied in mathematics and engineering.