Cars and Their Converters

In this age of heavy automotive pollution, ever-more strict government regulations have ensured that each car must carry an anti-pollution device in its exhaust gas system. These devices use the principles of Catalytic Conversion in order to eliminate NOX (nitrogen oxides) emissions. The catalysts used belong to the PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Compounds and have a fixed, though quiet lengthy, effective operation. But after the expiry of the life of the Catalyst, these converters are scrapped (Skubai). The presence of very high priced Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium encourages the owners to either sell the end-of-life devices as scrap, or even to collaborate in recycling in order to extract the valuable metals. Scrapped automotive catalytic converter has extremely good price of returns or sale and very high demand in the market.

Major Industry

Malaysia has one of Asia’s best recycler for this scrap recovery industry. This leading Skubai scrap processor and merchant have a start to finish service that is second to none. PGM is one of the most precious metals in the world and to recover these metals, from Skubai, one of Asia’s largest processors have established the most popular and leading Chemical Industry in all of Asia. The precious metals recovery and recycling industry, from secondary materials, has been made a major chemical industrial activity in itself in Malaysia. Automotive components, Catalytic Converters and (Skubai) Spent industrial Catalysts, form the primary raw materials for Customers globally.

automotive catalytic converter

One-stop Shop

This is an industry which has as its core chemical compounds that are at once precious and noxious. Special care is advised by experts in handling these scrap materials. The professional approach of this Malaysian company is unequalled in the globe. It starts from the first contact, immediately after the agreement with the Customer. The company manages the safe transportation of the cargo of precious metal scrap to their huge facility for processing and sampling. This continues through analysis, refining and final settlement. Every step of the way is marked by professional service, and every problem is pre-anticipated in advance by a vast network driven by the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning techniques. Some of the world’s leading refineries collaborate with this company in Malaysia.

Processing Systems

Processing actually commences with Sampling. The Sampling stage is critical, as it determines the quantity and value of the PGM in the scrap material. Cutting-edge technology is used to sample, analyze and extract the PGM materials, with increased speed, greater efficiency and extreme precision. Customers, therefore, enjoy faster turnaround and heavier profits. The working collaboration with a famed Singapore university has developed a new proprietary methodology. The extraction of PGM from spent and scrapped automotive catalytic converter has never been this good.