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5 star hotel oman

Best UAE Hotel for Highly Affordable Lodging

There are so many hotels in the UAE and they all claim to be reliable. Many of the hotels operating in this country are built to standard and you can get good value for money in many of them. However, there are still some hotels that are far from being reliable. This is why you need to look before you leap when looking for the right hotel where you can lodge in this city. If you are looking for a good hotel where you can lodge, then you should not hesitate to visit The Chedi and you will never regret it. This hotel is outstanding in all sense of the word and it is the perfect place to lodge while in this city for as long as you want. This is the perfect hotel to consider when looking for a hotel that offers hotel promotions in UAE.

In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn about some of the many promotions and offers available to lodgers at this hotel.

Series of available promotions

Lodgers can access series of promos at this hotel and the promotions will help to reduce how much the lodger will have it spend on accommodation. For example, the GCC Residents offer will give you up to 25% discount on lodging at this outlet. This offer is valid until 10th of October 2020. Another of the many hotel promotions in UAE that you can enjoy at this hotel is the Summer Offer. This offer is also valid until the 10th of October 2020 ad it will give you up to AED 200 credit. You can redeem the credit at the hotel or you can use it to upgrade to the next category of room.

5 star hotel oman

Another offer you can enjoy as a lodger is the Advance Purchase. This offer is valid until 30th of December 2020 and it will give you up to 25% price cut on hotel lodging at The Chedi. However, you can only enjoy this discount if you book your lodging very early. One other promotion worthy of other is the Explore in Style: Art Retreat. The promotion will extend to the 30th of December also. You can qualify for this offer after spending at least two nights in the heritage home located in the heart of Sharjah.  This will give you free access to the art of traditional Arabic calligraphy at this hotel.

Lodgers at this hotel can also enjoy yet another promotion titled Rejuvenate in Style: Holistic Retreat. The promo is redeemable when you register at the spa and it is valid until the 30th of December 2020.  The series of promotions available at this hotel indicates that you can lodge here for as long as you like without emptying your bank account.